Fronte Nazionale Naso Partenopeo


Fronte Nazionale Naso Partenopeo, 2020
Satin Flag 1,50 x 1,00 m
HD video 16/9, 21’
3 Posters A1
Mobile structure in colored blu wood (variable dimensions) with stickers,
t-shirts and A3 flyers
The title of this work draws inspiration from a written inscription fleetingly read by the artist on the walls of Naples. The constitution of a utopian party, Fronte Nazionale Naso Partenopeo (Neapolitan Nose National Front), the artist uses interviews of Neapolitan citizens and activists to initiate a choral reflection on daily micro-actions of social transformation and emancipation. A (non) party, represented by a (non) flag on display in the exhibition together with various propaganda materials, is at the core of an actual election campaign staged by the artist, presenting a mobile election banquet, similar to a street vendor’s bench, which will be used for future actions in the public space. The nose, an element that defines the physiognomy of a person, is ironically used as an identity parameter, as the starting point for a series of political and social speculations carried out in the interviews, with a recurring motto: use your eyes, use your ears, have a nose.