DIVINA!, 2017
HD video, 3’ 05’’
Performer: Divina Tota
Music: Malambo n.1 di Yma Sumac
To listen demands an opening toward the other and to record other’s memories and experiences means spreading the private toward the public.
For Raimondo each meeting is exceptional and each voice is part of a new map of the place where she is.
During her stay in Chile, the artist meets in a bar the drag queen Divina Tota during one of shows of voice lifting.
Divina Tota becomes the symbol of Raimondo’s research, in her being the synthesis of apparent opposites: a post punk/gothic look combined with a hyper femminine repertoire; the lifting of her voice with a body which is completely characterized.
Divina Tota dubs Malambo n.1 by the soprano Yma Sumac in front of Pacific Ocean. In this case the ocean is the symbol of the portal city of Valparaiso and it is, more in general, a reference to the femininity itself.
For Raimondo the sea, the ocean, has a double interpretation: the possibility of starting again, but also its opposite (referring to migratory flux), it reminds a natural barrier and the cancellation of the idea of boundary itself.

Critic text by Manuela Pacella