Derrière la mer


Derrière la mer, 2018
Sound piece, 17’
Score (90x 40 cm), hand made libretto
Performed by Edyta Jerząb and Jérôme Porsperger
Written and composed by Anna Raimondo
After having met people from different cultural and geographic horizons, Raimondo has composed a score based on excerpts of these interviews in dialogue with Koranic and Biblical passages related to the see. This score is in three parts: the rst part, “Toward the sea”, is the sensual relation with this element; the second, “Crossing the sea”, evokes the dangers that it represents; the third, “Beyond the sea”, proposes a vision and a re ection on the symbolic end of the sea. This work proposes a vocal journey between cultures and languages and multiple visions about the sea, intended as an element which is impossible to break and not intended to separate.