Come un mare fuor d’acqua, 2015
Participative project and video documentation, 12’46”
A project realised in collaboration with Fatima Bianchi Curated by Marco Trulli
Realized during the residency project “Out of Fabbrica” OFF section of Mediterranea 17. Young
Artists Biennale at the Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano
If there was not the sea, how could people invent and reactivate it? The artist conjugates/articulates her ongoing research on water and the sea to the city of Milan.
Thanks to the mediation of the local artistic centre/initiative Mare Culturale Urbano, Raimondo met and interviewed local inhabitants coming from different geographic and cultural horizons to reflect on their ideas of the sea, exploring their experiences, impressions and projections. Once having collected their voices, the artist then looked for those places and images sublimating the absence of the sea itself within the urban landscape. This research resulted in a final video realized with Fatima Bianchi.