Anna Raimondo’s pedagogic approach is mainly focused on the use of radio language and its artistic possibilities.
Each workshop is based on the specificities of the audience and of the context. Nevertheless, each proposition takes in account the following objectives:
  • Exploration of formats related to radio creation (soundscape, radio documentary, radio composition, spoken world, sonic portrait and self-portrait…).
  • Each workshop is intended as a space of promotion, reflection and critical listening on contemporary radio creation and as a moment of sensibilisation to listening.
  • Experimentation of all the phases of radio-art production in group: conception, pre-production and production, realization (writing, recording, editing and mix), until the diffusion in site specific places and / or on specific fm radios.

Potential audiences:

  • Children, art students, artists, journalist interested in the medium of radio, activists, students of Italian, radio makers, mixed audience…

Planning of workshop:

  • Awakening to listening: as the eye, also the ears need to be educated. Our perception of the environment becomes more acute with a series of very simple exercises.
  • Introduction to radio art and discovering of the creative possibilities of radio language beyond the traditional formats. Starting from the same ingredients (sound, voice, musique, sound effect and silence) we can multiply the formats, the aesthetics and the intentions.
  • Defining a format and an intention in a coherent and creative way: define the subject, the format and determine a plan of work.
  • Recording: get the know-how and the strategies for recording with different kind of microphones according to the context and the material.
  • Introduction to editing.
  • Select the way of diffusion (collective listening session, radio broadcast, site specific installation …).

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Como transformarse en radio en algunos minutos.
Anna Raimondo a la Facultad de Bellas Artes de Madrid.