Nuove F. Lucena



New boundaries of the well-being of vaginal ecosystem #5 Lucena 2019
Screen printed poster (92 X 61cm), vinyl, video documentation of a performance realized in public space
Produced by Sensxperiment festival
Courtesy the artist
What does it mean the behavior of women in public space? How urban space responds to women? How to map a place according to gender perspectives? Rose sets up the questions and proposed possible answers by deconstructing geography as a discipline in itself and focusing on how its knowledge is constructed.
New Boundaries moves on from here, by addressing bodies, the way geographies shape them and their behavior, and how they embody the knowledge constructed under the name of “geography”. “A geography which is made of our bodies and experiences and our subjectivities, presences and present. A geography which takes in account the multiplicities of gender perspectives”, underlines again Raimondo. For the Lucena version, in the frame of Sensxperiment Festival, Raimondo experiments with a new, site-specific and participative format: a street parade. A group of women is this time called to perform with their bodies and their voices a non-linear, sonic narration in different spots of the city. From the city narrated through sound and voices of the earlier versions, in Lucena we assist to an ephemeral, collective event which uses urban space as display and its inhabitants and involuntary public. A collective, female prayer to St. Theresa in Santiago Church; or a group of women sitting at the Paris Bar, where usually only man spend time. Together with the site-specific outputs, Raimondo conceived a series of vynil records and maps for every geography she researched, so to build an archive of words and sounds combined with a topography of “gestures of resistence” – gestures which the artist extrapolate from every conversation she had with the women involved in New Boundaries.
(excerpt from the indipendent curator Lucrezia Cippitelli’ s critic text about « New Boundaries of the Well-being of the Vaginal Ecosystem »)
New boundaries of the well-being of vaginal ecosystem (EN) +
Text by Lucrezia Cippitelli