© Martina Grifoni


L’Eau en Senne, 2016
Sonic parade in Brussels centre, 2016
HD video 16/9, 9’18’’
Anna Raimondo rebuilds in Brussels an aquatic landscape through an acoustic parade that recalls the itinerary of the river Senne covered up during the second half of the 19th century.
The research of the artist is focused on the need to act in this gap which separates the public space and its inhabitants from the denied presence of the river and its relative sound horizon.
The sound parade led by the artist in collaboration with foley artist Celine Bernard and
a group of participants to a workshop on the construction of aquatic sound objects, has staged and recalled the sounds of the river that used to be there, through the use of self- made instruments and recycled materials.
Floating in the the urban space, “L’Eau en Senne” suggests the dimension of a submerged elsewhere, preceding the urbanistic transformation, and means to recall an ephemeral and erratic geography. Likewise, two cities and two times co-exists and overlap each other, in a mental space where the levels of reality and memory blend together. This overlapping of different times, prompted by the sound orchestra, activates both ears and eyes, transforming the meaning of the landscape standing in front of us.
Excerpt of the critic text “L’Eau en Senne” written by the curator Marco Trulli