Feminisme quotidien



Féminisme quotidien #1 – voyage au Maroc, 2017
5 Screen printed T-shirts (limited edition), series of photos (10,5 x 15 cm)
Recordings and wall writings
Courtesy the artist and Shazar Gallery (IT)
The t-shirts, collecting sentences that Moroccan women would like to share in public space, becoming material for a work in progress with the creation of the brand “Daily Feminism”.
Raimondo goes out in the city of Rabat wearing those sentences and asking people around to take her a picture.
This project evokes the relation between spontaneity and the research of communicative practice to reflect on different thematics: such as the relation between the private and the public, the one between women’s bodies and their difficult to express in a patriarcal society. A combination of intuitions and a research on the field lead the artist to find a right balance to share and exchange with the other, while the audience become co-author of the work itself.
Nous serons sérieuses de la manière la plus joyeuse (FR) +
Booklet CUBE
Vivre, ressentir, partager. (EN) +
text by Lucrezia Cippitelli