011_a stranger the water

Untitled (a stranger, the water and what I am), 2012-2014
HD video 16/9, 3’
Performance in urban space (London, UK; Rabat, MA; Dakar, SN; Trento, IT)
“To be or not to be. Identity has turned into one of the most politicized spaces, but also a most slippery one. Post-structuralist feminist theories defend a shifting, mobile, portable idea of identity in opposition to classic quests for being. In reaction to classic psychological theories, post-structuralist feminism demonstrates how fixed categories are symptoms of pathology while strength and health sit on the side of the lack of definition.
Anna Raimondo is aware that every definition is a limitation, a frontier in itself, something that unites but also separates, that can be impermeable.
A stranger splashes her at each definition she declares about herself as a woman, as a feminist, as an Italian, as an artist in a metropolis such as London…
Each water bucket thrown against the performer carries the innocence and violence of games. By the way, being soaking wet, being baptized, are themselves rites of passage, alluding to fluidity, instability, permanent changeability. The action here aims at approaching one of the thorniest issues of the time: if identity has effectively become the battleground of political confrontation, what should we expect when finding that no space for self-definition is any longer available?”

Critic text by Maria Iñigo Clavo”