Excerpt from the video “Mediterraneo”


Mediterraneo, 2014
HD video 16/9, 22’
Courtesy the artist and the gallery Arte Contemporanea Bruxelles (BE)
Courtesy the artist and Shazar Gallery (IT)
Minutes slowly roll by, falling drop-by-drop into an empty glass placed at the frame’s centre. The pace-setting artist’s voice, a woman’s voice, repeats “Mediterraneo, Mediterraneo, Mediterraneo, Mediterraneo, Mediterraneo, Mediterraneo…” for twenty minutes.
An hypnotic image, magnified by the drop filling the glass and raising the liquid’s level. The initially crystal-clear, neat voice imperceptibly tires, breaks down, chokes, and finally drowns. The video itself starts by displaying quite distinct objects: the glass (the container), water (the contained), and the voice. In the process, the water level raises, the voice and the word crack, and the association between glass and mouth – the cavity through which the body swallows the life’s lymph – materializes.
Critic text written by the curator